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What A Columbus Transactions Lawyer Do

A Columbus transactional lawyer can help you navigate contractual agreements between a person or business and a third party. A contract has many legal considerations beyond the terms of the deal, such as which party bears the risk of loss in different circumstances. Other large considerations are assurances that the parties are not lying about their financial positions or legal ability to complete the deal, and how the private information the parties must share to complete the deal will be handled. 

The decision to merge with or acquire another business is a huge strategic move, and contains as many legal hurdles as it does benefits. Mergers and acquisitions contain legal issues in each phase of the extensive negotiation process. One of the earliest issues is whether the parties are allowed to pursue other companies for their acquisition needs during negotiations. If negotiations are exclusive, a purchaser cannot approach multiple businesses and use them to drive the purchase price down. If a negotiation is not exclusive, a company can use your terms to get a better deal elsewhere, thus wasting all your time and money invested in the deal.


Another early concern is the representations and warranties. Representations are statements of present facts, and warranties are statements that facts will be true in the future. These provisions create legal remedies when a company is not in the position it says it's in. For example, a company may claim that it can financially afford to do the deal, or that the members of the negotiation have the authority to close the deal. You may later find out that the company cannot afford to close the deal, or that the key decision makers have not signed off on the deal. This again results in wasted time and money invested in the deal. Including a representations and warranties provision allows you to seek legal recovery from the deceptive company.

Confidential information is another large concern. Negotiating a merger or acquisition requires the companies to disclose financial positions to each other. If the deal does not close, the companies still have this information. Without a confidential information provision, the companies could use this information to gain a competitive advantage or even sell the information to other competitors.


These are just a few of the legal considerations of a merger or acquisition and they are not specific to any industry or type of deal. There are many more legal issues that need to be addressed, and should be addressed by a Columbus transactional lawyer. Contact one of our attorneys and they can help you get the best deal possible.

Why You Need Help

A contract can be a complex document and is typically worth a lot of money. There are many pieces to a contract, and each piece has an effect on the outcome of your deal. That's why you should consult with a business lawyer. They will help you identify and address each piece of a transaction and help you come up with terms that are favorable to you. Don't take on more risk than you anticipated in your next deal; consult with an attorney.

Why Work With Collier Legal, LLC

The Columbus transactional lawyers at Collier Legal, LLC strive to provide clients with the most value by advising on more than just the terms of the deal. We protect our clients through the terms of a contract as well as providing strategic insight into other factors such as the taxable consequences of the deal and how that can be altered for the best savings to the client. We offer our strategic partnership at an affordable rate because we want to help businesses grow, not push them closer to bankruptcy. For more information, or to schedule a consult today, contact one of our Columbus Attorneys. 

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Owners are always finding ways to optimize their businesses. The sooner you claim your consultation, the sooner we can help you optimize your legal protections, tax savings, and financial foundation.

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