Estate Planning

What Columbus Estate Planning Lawyers Do

A Columbus estate planning lawyer prepares a person's assets for distribution when that person dies. Without estate planning, a person's assets are distributed by "intestacy," which is a scheme created by law. This intestacy scheme often does not reflect a person's desires about where their assets should go. That is why estate planning is important; it allows you to create the scheme for how your assets are distributed and it can even allow you to avoid some of the costs and time associated with probate.


An estate plan typically consists of a Last Will, as well as some other tool to avoid probate altogether. A Last Will does not avoid probate, but is a document that creates the scheme of distribution for a person's assets during probate. The costs and time of probate is minimal when a valid Will exists. When a person wants to avoid probate all together, they commonly use living trusts. A trust is a separate legal entity that holds title to property for a named beneficiary. A living trust can allow you to be the practical owner (or "equitable" owner) of your house while the trust is the legal owner of the house for the benefit of your children. The best part is that a living trust can be revoked, so you don't lose title to your house forever once you transfer it into the trust.

Why You Need Help

Estate planning can be a somewhat complicated endeavor. There are formal requirements to the creation of a Last Will; it's not as simple as writing your desires on a piece of paper. A living trust requires a complex trust agreement that really should be written, or at least reviewed, by an estate planning lawyer. Remember, you are trusting your legacy and your life's work to the effectiveness of a few pieces of paper. That's why those papers should be written by an attorney.

Why Work With Collier Legal, LLC

At Collier Legal, LLC our Columbus estate planning lawyers understand what you want when you consult with an estate planning attorney. You want quality, effective documents to ensure that your family is taken care of without paying your entire estate in legal fees. That is why we use a flat rate fee agreement for our estate planning documents. We came up with our fees by taking the average costs of these documents and reducing them, so you know your getting a good price every time. Furthermore, the flat rate allows you to rest assured that any extra hours we put into your documents will not be billed to you. We go the extra mile without billing the extra dollar. For more information, or to start your estate plan today, contact one of our Columbus Estate Planning Lawyers.

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